Fight for the Rights of All. Stand Against Discrimination.

Gary Shipman has been a tireless fighter against those who would discriminate against someone because of their race, sex, national origin, religious preferences, and sexual orientation. He has successfully pursued lawsuits on behalf of women who have been the victim of workplace sexual harassment, pay inequality, and discrimination in employment and promotion opportunities. Before protections to workers against discrimination based upon their sexual orientation was even recognized, Gary filed and resolved claims on behalf of workers, both men and women, who were discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation. Sexual assault and harassment in any form in any place is not acceptable, and Gary Shipman has held abusive men who abused their positions of power over women and their employers accountable for creating a hostile workplace environment.  

While there already exists rules and regulations that prohibit employees of the State of North Carolina from engaging in discrimination and harassing conduct, those same protections must be provided to employees in the private sector. The Federal Government’s Title VII protections apply only to employers with 15 or more employees, and our current state laws do not do enough to protect employees of smaller companies. This bipartisan issue should be embraced by all of our elected officials, and Gary Shipman will work with those in both the House and Senate to enact further workplace protections against sexual harassment by passing an antidiscrimination law that will ensure that employees who work for small businesses are not left without legal recourse if they are harassed.  

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